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Closed for vacation December 26 to 28, 2018

by Appointment or chance December 29 to

January 1, 2019

Stained glass door and window Stained glass with an image of flowers stained glass with an image of a tree

Conren Prayer Room

Located behind the altar is “Serenity," a panel that was designed to bring peace and serenity to the viewer. The design takes advantage of the tall, narrow space and carries the viewer’s eye up through the images of water, tree, and into the sky, while also carrying through the feel of water from the surrounding walls. The colors and textures of the glass were carefully chosen to create a glow in the room and to blend with the room’s existing colors to complete the sense of calm. In the lower portion of the artwork are actual river stones which were blessed by the prayer room Deacons.


“Serenity” was a gift to the prayer room by artist Jane Cragin Walsh in honor of her parents John and Mary Cragin.


“Sanctuary” is the stained glass panel installed in the Conren Prayer Room door. The design is intended to take the viewer into the scene. The various densities of colors and textures of glass chosen for the panel allow the viewer in the hallway to see slightly into the interior of the prayer room, encouraging entrance, while still providing privacy to those inside.

The Conren Prayer Room is located on Center 2 in South Shore Hospital, South Weymouth, MA.



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South Shore Hospital