376 Washington St. Rt. 53 Norwell, MA 02061


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Closed for vacation December 26 to 28, 2018

by Appointment or chance December 29 to

January 1, 2019

Located in Norwell, MA, Friendship Home provides a retreat-style “Home with a Heart” for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Friendship Home works to provide essential social activities for these individuals, which allows them to build the skills necessary to lead meaningful and productive lives. We are honored to have become a part of such a wonderful and caring community.


The window donated to Friendship Home by Coastal Art Glass is located above the front door and stands nine feet wide and five feet tall. The inspiration for the design of the window at Friendship Home is based on what the home represents – friendship, community, strength, and love.


The elements in the window each have meaning significant to Friendship Home. The trees that surround the Friendship Home building represent strength and refuge. The beehive in the tree represents community and working together towards a common goal, while the bees buzzing around the hive represent sweetness and creativity. The purple Irises to the right side of the window represent love and good wishes. Orange amaranth are said to mean friendship that will never fade. The yellow chrysanthemums represent peace even in adversity. The trellis to the right of the house is covered with pink wisteria, a gift of which is said to be an expression of friendship.


On a more personal note, we incorporated plant pots into the design to hold the geraniums, which represent feelings of friendship. The geraniums and plant pots are in honor of the late potter Kate DeSantis who introduced us to Friendship Home.


On the right side of the window is a cloud, which unlike the others is made with a more interesting rippled glass which is more difficult to cut, and is significantly more beautiful. It is meant to represent the members of friendship home – it is a cloud like all the others but it is different in a beautiful way.  



Friendship Home